An All-in-One Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (VMDR) workflow for the NHS

With a typical hospital’s network counting their connected IT and medical devices in thousands, and with their number and complexity constantly growing, it’s very likely that, despite IT teams’ best efforts, they may have limited or outdated visibility into their network assets.

Traditional endpoint solutions don’t interface well with each other, creating integration headaches, false positives, and delays. Ultimately, devices are left unidentified, critical assets are misclassified, vulnerabilities are poorly prioritised, and patches don’t get fully applied.

A new approach is required.

  • Full visibility of what’s vulnerable against NHS Cyber Alerts

  • Interactive dashboards and reporting to support NHS Cyber Alerts and DSPT compliance

  • Unlimited and continuous discovery of known and unknown assets

  • Six-sigma scanning technology

  • CVE-compliant Knowledge Base containing more than 35,000 checks

  • Detailed actionable asset information and configuration assessment

  • Patch detection and CVE correlation

  • Automated remediation prioritisation with context

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Cloud21 NHS Cyber Alerts management add-on to Qualys VMDR

Developed by Cloud21, this module adds an NHS Cyber Alerts management workflow to the Qualys VMDR lifecycle.

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Not your ordinary inventory tool. FAQs

A: Qualys agents continuously discover all of your IT assets providing 100% real-time visibility of your global hybrid-IT environment with detailed asset information. Search any asset in seconds in the Qualys Cloud Platform or create and customise dynamic dashboards to visualise the security, configuration and compliance status of IT assets.

A: Yes, in addition to Windows devices the agent can be installed on Mac, Linux and Unix (AIX & BSD) whether on premise, mobile or in the cloud.

A: The agent collects hardware and operating system information, details of installed software, services, file systems and running processes, last user login and network connections. Upgrades are available for advanced asset information including hardware/software lifecycles, software licenses, to assess the security and compliance posture of each asset, to quarantine or patch an asset in real time, and to integrate with your CMDB.

A: Installation is simple with a circa 12 MB .exe file to deploy with a single install command, via a software management tool or Windows group policy.

A: With less than 2% of CPU resources consumed on average and average bandwidth utilisation of around 600KB per day, the agent has a minimal footprint so you should not notice a significant effect on network performance. The agent is self-updating and self-healing with no need to reboot so requires very little overhead.

Download Qualys free Global Asset Manager

Ovum Recognises Qualys for Next-Gen Vulnerability Management

Ovum Qualys Report

VMDR is a game-changing cloud app that is the foundation of an effective risk-based Vulnerability Management Program

The report acknowledges Qualys VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response) for addressing fundamental challenges organisations face in discovering, triaging and remediating critical vulnerabilities in the network. Ovum reports that VMDR provides an end-to-end, seamless and integrated cybersecurity workflow with built-in patching. With VMDR, organisations not only know their most serious vulnerabilities, but they can take immediate action as well.

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