Our tech team specialises in driving organisational productivity and efficiencies through the implementation of innovative, cost-effective, scalable and secure technical solutions.

Whether providing IT consultancy to better define and eradicate technical issues, improving the security of IT systems to reduce the risk of cyberattack or data breach, offering front line remote service desk support to users, or managing IT infrastructure as part of a comprehensive, holistic IT management programme, our suite of services can be adapted and personalised to meet the needs of any health and social care organisation.

In short, we concentrate on making your IT work for you, so you can concentrate on your core business.

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IT systems and technologies represent the engine room of the modern business. Organisational efficiencies are driven by faster, smarter software solutions; communication between sites, departments, customers and suppliers is streamlined and improved by better technological links; sales growth, business development and the ability to differentiate your offering from your competitors’ is often rooted in the way you have used the systems available to your advantage.

IT provides the answer to most organisational questions, but with the myriad of technologies now available, identifying the right solution for your specific issue or business objective is never easy. What’s more, selecting the wrong solution can be costly – in terms of both time and budget. This is where our consultancy services can help you.
  • We’ll work with you to fully understand what you are trying to achieve and why.
  • We will then offer our recommendations whilst working within resource and budgetary restrictions. 
  • We’ll tailor our approach, and because we are vendor-neutral, you can be assured that any suggestions we make are in the best interests of your business.

The goldmine of personal and clinical data kept on hospitals networks makes healthcare organisations prime targets for cyber criminals. With a typical hospital’s network counting their connected IT and medical devices in thousands, and with their number and complexity constantly growing, it’s very likely that, despite IT teams’ best efforts, they may have limited or outdated visibility into their network assets.

This results in a higher risk of software and systems being unpatched and misconfigured. A combination of complexities of healthcare networks and a rapidly changing cyber threat landscape create a massive challenge for IT teams in the NHS and other health and social care organisations tasked with patient safety.

Adopting a solid approach to continuous risk assessment and having  a comprehensive vulnerability management (VM) solution in place is critical for organisations responsible for better clinical outcomes and patient safety.

Having worked in many trusts helping to improve and protect IT estates we have gained deep insight into the challenges faced by IT teams in the NHS. It has taught us what tools and support really add value and make a difference to our clients. Born out of this experience is Cloud21’s end-to-end vulnerability management solution which is based on technology and services.

An All-in-One Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (VMDR) workflow for the NHS

The all in one solution for NHS compliance and vulnerability management that delivers a single source of truth. ​

Traditional endpoint solutions don’t interface well with each other, creating integration headaches, false positives, and delays. Ultimately, devices are left unidentified, critical assets are misclassified, vulnerabilities are poorly prioritised, and patches don’t get fully applied.  

Working with our NHS clients, our vulnerability management services team could see a need for an uncomplicated, trustworthy solution, that brings none of the hindrances of the traditional solutions, but one that also serves the needs of the NHS. 

Qualys VMDR is a cloud solution for vulnerability management, detection, and response prioritisation, and provides evidence for elements of DSPT. It has been built and refined over more than two decades to achieve 6-Sigma scanning accuracy and leverages Qualys Cloud Agents and sensors to collect data from different digital environments. 

To provide a complete workflow for the NHS, Cloud21 has developed a module that helps trusts answer the question, what is vulnerable and what is subject to NHS cyber alerts on my estate? Bespoke interactive dashboards support the management and reporting of both historical alerts and newly issued critical and high severity alerts. These alerts are added to the Cloud21 knowledge base within four hours of the notification by NHS Digital. 

Learn more about the Cloud21 Qualys all-in-one NHS vulnerability management solution >>

Cloud21 Vulnerability Management Services

It can be quite unnerving when installing a vulnerability management solution because it is very likely it will highlight more vulnerabilities than expected. In the NHS when there’s a resource imbalance in IT, it’s not always feasible for small teams to patch everything made visible to them. The detection and visibility part is only one half of the job.  

We have developed a Vulnerability Management Suite of services in response to clients finding themselves in this position so they can feel completely assured and we can reduce the burden on their team.

Our services are designed with the complexity of healthcare IT estates in mind, from exposing network vulnerabilities to helping ensure network availability and uptime, hardening your systems against cyber-threats through threat prioritisation and timely patching.

Discover, Remediate or a fully comprehensive Vulnerability Management Suite of services can be scaled to your needs.

Learn more about Vulnerability Management Services >>

The successful management of the IT infrastructure within an organisation represents a significant challenge. Limited resources, strict budget constraints, varying user requirements and changing or updating systems combine to create a difficult landscape of constantly shifting expectations and strategic business needs.

With the emergence of services such as cloud computing, virtualisation and hyper convergence, there are a wealth of technologies now available that can help your organisations infrastructure meet the demands that are being placed upon it. Whether a complementary resource to your own IT team or a fully-outsourced solutions, we will support and develop your IT environment, providing the technology, processes and people that you need to achieve efficiency, cost-savings and other strategic objectives.

As part of our infrastructure services, upon contract, we will first analyse the current IT infrastructure in place, and from there we will make recommendations to improve it, while maintaining the budgetary constraints. Once we have come to an agreement, we will implement the solution in such a way as to fit your business objectives, and increase cost savings, and efficiencies.

“Cloud21 consistently goes above and beyond whatever work is being undertaken. You are exceptionally helpful and can be trusted both in terms of actual work and advice. Working with you never feels like working with a supplier – you’re just part of the team.”

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

While a pragmatic, cost-effective and streamlined approach to IT is important to all organisations, to the NHS and healthcare providers in particular, it is absolutely vital. Legacy infrastructure combined with restrictive budgets, multi-site operations and a variety of contrasting end-user requirements means that a deep understanding of clinical IT needs is key to providing effective support.

This is where we can help. Our technical and consultative solutions are specifically designed to complement the knowledge of your own internal IT team or department, with collaboration and open communication essential to our approach. We will work within the budgetary and organisational parameters particular to your trust to find the most pragmatic and cost-effective solution to meet your exact needs. So whether your objective is to improve security or compliance, to optimise system speed and performance for an enhanced end-user experience, to overhaul or maintain your IT infrastructure, or to review licencing, software or strategy, we have the expertise to help.

“Good local knowledge of the NHS, knowledgeable staff and technical assurance.”

Medway NHS Foundation Trust

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