The new laboratory information management system will provide a streamlined and unified pathology service for the citizens of Sussex.  

 A strategic collaboration between Sussex Pathology Network (SPN) and consultancy firm Cloud21 has successfully procured a new laboratory information management system (LIMS) for Sussex with around £3 million in cost savings. 

The pathology network will implement the Clinisys LIMS to replace four separate LIMS currently in operation across its sites, which comprise of three NHS trusts and seven laboratories.  

SPN provides blood sciences, microbiology, cellular pathology, blood transfusion and mortuary services to all citizens in Sussex. It aims to attain digital maturity by 2024/5 and the procurement of a single unified LIMS was identified as a critical milestone towards achieving this.  

The new LIMS will be implemented over the coming years to enable seamless pathology services across Sussex, ensuring high-quality, fast, and accurate results accessible from any location in the county. This is intended to substantially enhance workflow efficiency, data sharing, and quality of patient care.  

Emily Gaskell, programme director at SPN, said: “Pathology services are integral to patient care, and delays or lost results can have serious consequences. By implementing a single LIMS, we aim to reduce the risk of patient harm by minimising re-testing, and improve overall efficiency.” 

Trusted partner, Cloud21, was instrumental in guiding SPN through the strategic planning process, assembling the full business case, helping to secure funding, and completing the procurement in a tight timeframe of five months.   

Gaskell praised the partnership with Cloud21 for its vital role in the project’s success and helping to save £3 million on initial cost projections.  

“Everyone said it was impossible to run a procurement in that short time frame and get a good deal, but we did,” she said. “Having people [at Cloud21] who can provide a wealth of experience and knowledge write the business case to the standard that we knew would be accepted by our boards has been really assuring.” 

Cloud21’s CEO, Dr Tony Corkett, said: “We’re thrilled that our support has been instrumental in allowing SPN to work towards its vision of seamless pathology services across Sussex. Our goal was to drive down costs and assist with the procurement of a solution that meets the network’s specific needs. We’re proud to have achieved that and exceeded expectations within a tight timeframe.”  


About Sussex Pathology Network (SPN) 

SPN consists of three NHS trusts East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, University Hospital Sussex NHS Foundation Trust and Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It was formed as part of the NHS England’s national programme for pathology networks, which specified that all pathology services should be provided within one of 29 networks across the country.  

Through its seven laboratories, SPN provides blood sciences, microbiology, cellular pathology, blood transfusion and mortuary services to all citizens in Sussex.  

The three trusts are part of Sussex Health and Care, an Integrated Care System (ICS) which serves a population of more than 1.7 million people.