It’s been a while since we have shared an update at Cloud21, we have been working hard I promise, but it’s never easy to keep on top of these updates. There’s so much fantastic stuff going on out there that I wanted to fill you in on what we’ve seen and done this past year.

For those of you who have worked with us you will know that we always strive to ensure that every digital transformation project you’re embarking on is supported with the right mix of skills and people, using appropriate processes and ultimately making sure the technology delivers the transformation you’re hoping for. And last year our clients took part in a Net Promoter Score survey to tell us how we’re doing and our score at the end was 88 which is really brilliant. (Thank you).

What emerges from the work we do is the opportunity to facilitate shared best practice, the lessons we learn, and offer insight into promising new technology or finding a new use for existing technology. And our aim is to share these insights more regularly with you. (This is sounding like a new years resolution!)

This year we will be able to talk to you about work we have started at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to support them with the procurement and implementation of an EPR system. Whilst in the south we are working with Mid Essex to programme manage their shared care record implementation. And at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Foundation Trust we have completed a proof of concept for automating some of their process using RPA technology from UiPath.

Next month we’re heading to HIMSS to see what else we can be inspired by from the US and other international suppliers and providers and hope to be bringing you news of exciting new developments. Like most we are excited by new technology, but we also find ourselves driving change in the way existing technology is used and it’s at events like HIMSS where we build our knowledge and widen our viewpoint, sometimes seeing things from a different perspective.

And that brings me on to my next update. We have always followed the development of technology, whether it’s emerging technology or technology in use in other sectors, to understand and assess it’s fit and potential for health and social care. At last year’s HIMSS we saw more coverage of process automation technology.

We have been watching robotic process automation technology closely having followed it’s growth in banking. We could see it was starting to emerge in healthcare but with relatively immature use cases in the UK. When we started to have a look at the different products available, UiPath came out on top time and time again. Whether you’re reading Gartner or Forrester, UiPath is presented as an all round winner but we couldn’t see this being offered to the healthcare market. So whilst we could see the potential and fit for health and social care for UiPath’s product, it hasn’t been possible for health and social care to buy it, from a company which understands the sector. We have now become a reseller of UiPath to fill this gap.

Our website is now being updated to  provide more information on this and all the other things I have shared in this update. Please also connect with me and the team on LinkedIn and Twitter and our new marketing manager will make sure I keep my resolution and provide regular insights from the programmes we work on!

I will be attending HIMSS in a few weeks so if you’re also heading there please don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you would like to meet up.