Before the Christmas break, Tony Corkett, founder and director at Cloud21, and Neil Taber, chief development officer, caught up with HTN to talk about interoperability in the NHS.

The progression into the ICS model will open up opportunities to meet the interoperability goals outlined in the 10-year forward plan. The capabilities of the technology that’s emerging from the fourth industrial revolution – AI, machine learning, nanotechnology – is dependent on the availability of raw data.

We have a huge source of data in the NHS that has a significant value proposition and if the NHS can achieve interoperability it will make a fundamental difference to patients and the health of our populations.

There are ways of providing everything that a clinician, doctor, or a social care worker needs on their device at one time. If we use the resources carefully, use staff wisely, and share a lot more data, there will be a lot less repetition of input, a lot less rushing around looking for information across multiple systems.

In this interview, Tony and Neil, talk us through the birds-eye view of the bigger picture, as well as technical detail on the nuts and bolts of achieving interoperability in healthcare.

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