Medway NHS Foundation Trust recently went live with its EPR, deploying in less than five months during a time when the trust was experiencing intense pandemic pressures. The EPR team were innovative and worked collaboratively across programme and clinical workflows, to achieve what their Director of IT called ‘the smoothest roll out [he’d] ever seen.’

In this Digital Health session, you’ll hear:

  • The story behind Medway being less digitally mature than other trusts, setting up the Innovation Institute and getting the trust prepared for EPR
  • The EPR project itself and the research/development that took place, including the planning, training, deployment, and results
  • How they managed to do it so quickly
  • The importance of treating the project as a cultural change initiative, and how they engaged the workforce and kept them on side, as well as the importance of clinical leads/digital champions
  • A birds eye view: how the case for EPR was made to the board, and what convinced them to push forward despite pandemic pressure
  • The future and next steps with their EPR

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