Cloud21, part of the x-tention group, and SolarWinds have announced a strategic partnership aimed at providing tools and expertise to support health and care organisations in managing their network to increase robustness and security posture 

The two companies will combine their tools and health technology expertise to offer NHS trusts specialist solutions for infrastructure management that monitor sensitive healthcare networks. 

Healthcare is one of the most frequently targeted sectors by cyber criminals and it is particularly vulnerable due, in part, to outdated, unsupported and complex infrastructures with interconnected sensitive medical devices.  

Hospital IT estates can be extremely large with tens of thousands of devices and applications to manage. Keeping track of all these devices has proven to be an overwhelming task that requires hours of manual work.  

James Cooper, Director, Cloud21 said, ‘In 2015 Cloud21 launched a new business unit dedicated to providing services that enable proactive defence and progressive improvement specifically for NHS IT services. Our suite of services and solutions are designed to complement hospital IT teams and provide the reassurance they need to be confident of the security posture and robustness of their estate.’ 

In addition to cyber security solutions, Cloud21 provides solutions to the NHS for managing their network including, Infrastructure and Performance Monitoring, Enterprise Application Management, Mobile Device Management and System Administration. 

SolarWinds extensive product suite is recognised across industries for its advanced network management capabilities, making the job of monitoring and managing the performance of IT environments much easier. It includes tools for Network, Systems and Data management, IT Security, Service and Application Management. 

By combining Cloud21s Managed Infrastructure Services with SolarWinds’s network management and monitoring technologyNHS IT teams have a trusted partner to provide guidance and support when assessing and adopting the most appropriate tool suite for their needs. 

Mark Bishop, Director of Technical Services at Cloud21 explains, SolarWinds has vast portfolio of software tools that cover every aspect of a typical NHS IT landscape so we know we have a reliable toolset to use to help monitor or diagnose issues. Paired with our teams expertise in health IT, we can help healthcare organisations to improve the performance of applications, detect potential threats and address them before they have an impact to service.