Health and social care organisations can now access the company’s consultancy services related to artificial intelligence (AI)

This DPS offers a simple route to purchase Artificial Intelligence services in the public sector, allowing customers to access a wide range of competition in an emerging market. The services offered under this DPS will support customers to scope the problem or project, understand how to solve problems using AI to maximise value and increase efficiency of processes. Experienced customers are able to purchase licencing, customisation and support directly from suppliers on this DPS. Customers will also be able to access end-to-end partnerships. 

Michael Beckett, managing director, Cloud21 said, ‘The ethos behind what we do at Cloud21 is, ‘how can we bring innovative technology to health and care organisations and actually make a difference with it?’ Like most we are excited by new technology, AI is capable of delivering huge benefits so we work with health and care organisations to achieve appropriate and successful applications of AI.’ 

The type of technology available using the development, implementation and support of AI services includes AI software applications, machine learning to help with data analytics, intelligent virtual assistants and intelligent personal assistants. 

This agreement will use a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to offer artificial intelligence (AI) services to the whole of the public sector and their associated bodies and agencies. 

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