Health and social care organisations can now access the company’s Orchestra Health Service Bus platform to deliver regional patient record services 

The Orchestra Health Service Bus delivers extensive integration capabilities, based on international standards as well as advanced security functionalities to enable cross-facility population health management. Additional value-added modules facilitate the contextual collaboration of all actors involved in the treatment process.  

Michael Beckett, managing director, Cloud21 said, ‘One of the largest hospital chains in Europe, Helios International, connects it’s 130 hospitals using Orchestra eHealth Suite. Through our recent merger with x-tention this solution is now available to UK health and social care organisations looking to achieve regional patient record services.’ 

x-tention has built the national health record for Austria for 8 million people and is now also building a national health record for 26 million German people with Orchestra Health Service Bus.  

Beckett continues, ‘The launch of the QE Procurement Clinical Solutions framework opens a new procurement route for our integration platform in the UK, and it is very timely as we see the move to ICSs completed this month. The Orchestra Health Service Bus creates the foundation for an open and future-proof system architecture which can support the practical application of ICSs and enable a move towards population health management. 

QE Procurement is a division of QE Facilities, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust. QE Procurement framework offers contracting authorities the ability to procure complex clinical IT solutions quickly, ranging from small departmental systems through to electronic patient record systems. Unlike some frameworks, the final specification for your requirements is set by you so it meets every detail of your needs.  

These solutions are supported by NHS standard contracts tailored to local requirements. As a result, you will procure a customised solution with a contract to match, representing value for money. 


The Orchestra Health Service Bus is an effective integration platform that forms a basis for open and future-proof system architecture. In addition to the modules for unique patient and service provider identification, Orchestra eHealth Suite provides a complete electronic patient record for aggregation of documents, images and structured medical data. Authorised service providers can be given access to patient files via a web portal and patients can view and manage their own files through a patient portal.

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