Case Studies

Delivering a PAS programme in just nine months – previous experience was like ‘gold dust’

Having the right governance in place, the right people on the programme team and a good open relationship with the supplier right from the start was vital. The trust went live, successfully, with the System C Medway Patient Administration System (PAS) and Bluespier Theatre Management System (TMS) at the end of October 2018 after the project kicked off nine months earlier.

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Gibraltar Health Authority
Cloud 21 has been assisting the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) for the last 2 years as they completely transform their use of healthcare IT. Cloud 21 has worked with the GHA on 7 phases of the programme to implement a country-wide electronic health record. The phases have included:

  • Market assessment
  • Strategy
  • Business case
  • Specification
  • Procurement
  • Contract negotiation
  • Implementation

Cloud 21 staff are working with the GHA to implement the new EHR which will cover primary care, community care, mental health and all acute services with a single patient centric record system.

Sussex and Surrey PACS programme
Cloud 21 assisted 6 trusts across Sussex and Surrey complete the procurement of the replacement PACS, RIS and VNA following the end of the national programme. This included the business cases and procurement evaluation phases.
Cloud 21 supplied a turnkey service for the replacement of the trusts previous PACS and RIS with a new PACS, RIS and VNA. Services delivered included:

  • Outline business case
  • Specification
  • Procurement
  • Contract negotiations
  • Final business case
  • Implementation
Kent Clinical Systems Collaborative
Cloud 21 have being providing senior leadership for the joint procurement for a new PAS and maternity system under the SACP programme. This has included three business cases, specification and procurement support as well as guiding the approvals through TDA, DH and Cabinet Office.
Cloud 21 have provided project specific for the Trust including PACS and RIS, private patients unit, infrastructure and the implementation of a scanning bureau and electronic document management system (EDM)
Cloud 21 assisted HMC with the completion of their PACS and RIS and Cerner contracts.
Cloud 21 have assisted Barts with the procurement of a new PACS, RIS and VNA including business cases, specification and procurement. The full business case (including TDA sign off) for the replacement Cerner contract and implementation resources.
Cloud 21 are providing pathology and programme management support for the trust as it acquires the services at the Princess Royal University Hospital in Bromley.