UiPath has helped the Mater Hospital in Ireland to automate their COVID-19 pathology test results processing and reporting using software robots and it’s saved them three hours per day. After some investigation we see that this technology can also support the NHS COVID-19 response. Here’s how:

 Response process

Automating the continuous list collation of positive COVID-19 patients using data from multiple sources which can then be distributed to nursing teams to support effective patient management.

WHO reporting process

Using combined data from multiple sources could significantly reduce the time taken to complete WHO case reporting.

To support the NHS through the crisis UiPath are donating licenses for their hyper-automation platform that will be valid until September, and we are supporting this by offering 10 days design and implementation at cost. 

We hope we can help your teams to reduce the admin burden during this time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Cloud21 became a reseller of UiPath technology as it is rated by Gartner and others as the best on the market and we want to help the NHS benefit. Here is some additional information about what’s happening in Ireland:

At COVID-19 testing sites in Ireland, test results must be logged in different systems to report to infection control and the IPC. In dealing with COVID-19, the test results must be reported daily—and not just on positive cases but on every test, taking 3 hours per day.

UiPath robots are now logging into the laboratory system, they extract the appropriate results for the relevant disease codes and input this information into the EHR and infection control reports. The information is processed in a fraction of the current time, saving the infection control department 3 hours per day, 18 hours per week.

Nurses have been able to spend more time with patients as a result. We would like to help our NHS do the same.