Achieving joined up health and care is dependent on organisations reaching a level of digital maturity so they can deliver care more effectively and interoperate.

Digital can make such a difference to maintaining and improving the health of our population and the delivery of care when needed. We see the role that technology can play in creating joined up health and care systems but we rarely see it being engineered to achieve this.

Our care systems are responding to two priorities, one that addresses local digital programme needs and one that aims to transform the whole system. Often, we see these digital transformation programmes running in parallel but delivered in isolation. This results in our care services operating extremely complex technology environments that don’t always deliver the vision.

Combining our experience across health and social care, and with a focus on the bigger picture, we started Cloud21 to ensure that every digital transformation programme is successful as well as delivering joined up health and care systems through interoperability.

Like most we are excited by new technology, but we’ve also found ourselves driving change in the way existing technology is used. We have built a reputation for fixing issues, for being delivery focused, for being clear communicators and for turning expert knowledge into quality deliverables.

The technology is already capable, we support you to engineer the right environment for it to work.

Please see our Services page for further details of how we can support you.

We support you through all stages of digital transformation from co-developing your strategy, managing procurement to implementation. At all stages we aim to engineer an interoperable environment so we take a step closer to realising the vision of joined up systems.

Our experience has taught us that we can achieve the mission ahead of us by ensuring that:
  • There is a clear, well understood and deliverable strategy aligned to national objectives that underpins the delivery of organisational and wider system aims.
  • Investment decisions for new technology which support the delivery of this strategy are not made in isolation, and prepare your organisation to operate within an integrated health and social care system.
  • All programmes are set up for success by establishing effective leadership and governance, and building the right delivery team with the right skills.
  • Implementations are delivered with a people centered approach to increase the rate of acceptance and the delivery of benefits
Our Services:
  • Digital Strategy Co-creation
  • Business Case and Procurement Support
  • Implementation Services
  • Integration Services
  • Process Automation
  • Supplementing Workforces
Our clients recommend us because:
  • They have confidence in our ability
  • We are supportive
  • We are responsive
  • We solve issues quickly
  • We are friendly
Feedback from our 2019 Net Promoter Score customer satisfaction survey. We achieved a score of 88/100.

“You’re responsive, transparent, flexible and you translate expert knowledge into quality deliverables. I can’t fault you!”