Technical Consultancy

Cloud 21 will work to gain a full and deep understanding of the proposed or existing technologies that you are looking to introduce, refresh or develop. Working with the key stakeholders the requirements and capabilities will be fully understood and recognised to make sure they align to the organisations strategy and needs.

We will achieve this using a combination of the following;

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Capability Mapping Sessions
  • Technological Assessments and Analysis

We have found this to be a great way to glean the information required to deliver the greatest value from new or existing infrastructure investments while also making sure it delivers your requirements and is not over specified and over sold by a vendor.

We are intensely proud that we are truly agnostic and not tied to any vendors, this makes us truly independent and able to give a broad and unbiased view of the IT landscape. By removing obstructions created by being tied in with vender partnerships means we can design services that utilise the best technologies without being forced into a specific area or design resulting in us meeting your organisastion’s actual need and not the needs of a technology vendor while delivering genuine value.

We have the capabilities to;

  • Complete a deep and thorough technical analysis of existing infrastructure technologies and services and report on their health
  • Understand the key areas that need attention and the focus for any newly delivered technology or service
  • Make sure that any design delivers to the requirements identified by the key stakeholders and aligned to the organisations need
  • Provide a second opinion to existing designs, a different approach or fresh ideas to all in an effort to compliment the organisations required outcome

By following our structured processes and mythologies and drawing from different personnel when required we are able to offer an unmatched level of healthcare experience. This enables us to create solutions that align to the needs of the organisation while adhering to the correct levels of governance and following best practices e.g. ITIL, TOGAF, PRINCE.

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